Australian Technical College NQ - Business Planning

The Problem

A consortium of North Queensland businesses and other organisations, led by Thuringowa City Council and the Townsville Chamber of Commerce, needed a Request for Proposal for selection by the Federal Government to establish and operate an Australian Technical College in Townsville. Following selection of the consortium, a full business plan had to be developed to meet the funding and approval requirements, with this plan being developed to strict and comprehensive government guidelines.

The Solution

Balfour Consulting, in association with North Australia Economics and Chris Chappell Independent Contracting, first successfully undertook the Request for Proposal on behalf of the consortium then completed the business planning process. This included developing an innovative "green fields" model for the college, meeting all requirements of the Federal government and achieving completion within a very tight time frame. This enabled building work to start in early 2006, with completion of Stage One by the start of the 2007 school year.

The Results

  • The business plan was accepted by the Federal government and funding approved.
  • The innovative model for the college was accepted by the Federal government.
  • The college has met its targeted enrolment for its first operational year of 130 students and will exceed this with an additional intake of 30 students in July.
  • The college will meet its target of 300 students in 2008
  • The ATCNQ is the most successful of these colleges in Australia in terms of student numbers, apprenticeships attracted, industry and community participation and the quality of the staff attracted.
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