Our Values

At Balfour Consulting, there are things we really value!

At Balfour Consulting we take great pride in the quality of the work we perform, the range of services we provide and the level of satisfaction we deliver to our clients. To achieve this, we work to a set of values – values we think are important and we want you to measure us against.


    We believe service must be courteous and efficient, that deadlines must always be met and client needs properly understood and respected.

    We are a results-focused organisation and at all times seek to deliver results that are tangible, measurable and easy to implement.
    We only offer the services of senior consultants with proven track records in their areas of expertise. We do not employ juniors as consultants or account executives.
    We deliver solutions and eliminate problems. We take time to clearly understand our clients’ operational limitations and financial resources and deliver solutions that will work effectively within that framework. We tailor-make our processes to deliver our clients tailor-made solutions.
  • ETHICS -
    Because our credibility and reputation are vital to us, we base our business dealings and our relationships with our clients on integrity, honesty and a solid commitment to high ethical standards.
    We believe it is important for our clients to know and understand all costs that they incur in their dealings with Balfour Consulting. We endeavour to provide a full breakdown of costs in all our invoices and are more than happy to discuss the basis of our pricing policies with our clients.
    We aim to build ongoing relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial and will grow over time. We never treat a client as a short-term proposition.

Talk to us at any time about these values - your thoughts and opinions will guide us as we grow.

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